Mens health

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander men have among the poorest health in Australia. They die at a much younger age than non-Indigenous men, with heart disease the leading cause of death.

Smoking-related cancers like lung and mouth cancer are very high among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. Almost 11 times the number of Aboriginal men die from diabetes than non-Indigenous men.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men also experience very high levels of psychological stress, twice that of non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

Every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male should have a regular health check.

Your health, your choice
Regular health checks can also help find problems before they become serious. They can detect early warning signs of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

If you have high risk factors you may be more likely to become sick. High risk factors include:

  • having a family history of a chronic disease
  • not eating the right foods
  • not exercising regularly
  • drinking alcohol a lot
  • smoking cigarettes
  • being over 40 years old.

Make the right choice, visit Danila Dilba Health Service for your regular health checks to help you live well and stay well. Do it for yourself, and your family and friends.

What are the health checks for men?
The Well Person Health Check covers a range of tests and questions to keep an eye on your health, and to help find problems before they become serious. The check-ups are easy and painless. They include:

  • updating medical history, family history and allergies
  • taking blood pressure
  • testing urine
  • testing sugar levels in blood
  • measuring weight and height
  • checking eyesight
  • checking ears
  • providing sexual and reproductive health information
  • asking about social and emotional wellbeing
  • yarning about good foods, bad foods and exercise
  • providing information on how to improve health (e.g. quitting smoking).

Health checks for men may also include tests like a prostate check and bone density check.
Men’s Clinic
Danila Dilba Health Service has a separate Men’s Clinic. The clinic is operated by qualified male health workers to help you feel comfortable talking about men’s health issues. There is a male Aboriginal Health Practitioner, a male doctor and a male customer service officer.

All our clinics are guided by an ‘Aboriginal health practitioner first’ policy, so you will be seen by an Aboriginal Health Practitioner before a doctor.

Feel stronger, live longer – book a men’s health check today.