Danila Dilba wants to provide you with medicines in the best possible way.
While Danila Dilba pays for some of your medicines, they are not ‘free’. Medicare covers some of the costs, but much of the money comes from us.

How can you help?
Bring your Centrelink, Medicare, health care or temporary cards to ALL appointments. The government will cover most costs if we have these details, which allows us to put more funds towards other services.

Come to the clinic regularly.  Doctors can’t write scripts if they haven’t seen you recently. It is important for your health and wellbeing that you come to appointments.

Some medicines are not covered by Danila Dilba
Some medicines haven’t been shown to work very well and some are very expensive.
We respect your right to choose which treatment you’d like to use, but Danila Dilba doesn’t cover some less-tested and more expensive medicines.
Where there is a better choice covered by Danila Dilba, we will be happy to recommend this.

Danila Dilba can now only pay for medicines on scripts from our clinics.

Preferred pharmacies
Strong and clear relationships with pharmacies mean we can help you get the best service and care possible.  We will meet the cost of most medications and services at these pharmacies:

DD-ph-map-black_Stuart-Park-Pharmacy DD-ph-map-black_Amcal-Max-Casurina
DD-ph-map-black_United-Discount-Chemists DD-ph-map-black_Value-Plus-Pharmacy-Mall

At these pharmacies we will pay for the cost of most medicines if they are written on a script by a Danila Dilba doctor.  We will also pay for your weekly medicine blister packs.

What if I want to use another pharmacy?
We respect your decision to use any health service you choose. However, we will not be able to cover costs from other pharmacies you may choose to use. This may mean that you will have to pay for medicines from these other pharmacies.

Paying for medicines from pharmacies
While Danila Dilba will only meet the cost of scripts from some pharmacies, you still might not need to pay for medicines.

If you are registered for Closing the Gap scripts and have a valid Centrelink card, it is unlikely you will need to pay for your medicines at any pharmacy.

Ask your Aboriginal Health Practitioner or doctor about the cost of your medicines.

Please contact us if you have any questions or worries about your medication payments.