Danila Dilba Health Service seeks to recruit appropriately skilled and qualified staff to fill vacancies. The following guidelines have been prepared to assist you to prepare your application.

Career Opportunities

All current vacant positions within Danila Dilba Health Service are advertised in the local media and often on the internet in CareerOne and Seek Websites. Unless otherwise indicated, applications are invited from candidates Australia wide.

Before you Apply

Read the Position Description and Selection Criteria carefully. The Position Description describes the tasks and responsibilities of the role. The Selection Criteria lists any qualifications, abilities and experience the Selection Committee will be seeking in the successful applicant.

If you are submitting an application by email, please ensure that your documents are in either MS Word or PDF, no other format will be accepted and files must be no more than 1MB in size.

Evidence of Citizenship/Residence Status

Australian citizenship is not a prerequisite for appointment to Danila Dilba Health Service positions. However, to satisfy immigration requirements for employment in Australia for an indefinite period, appointees require either Australian citizenship or permanent residence status.

If you are successful in being offered a position with Danila Dilba Health Service you will be requested to provide:

(a) for Australian Citizenship –

  • birth certificate or “Extract of Entry” or
  • a valid passport showing bearer’s status as an Australian or
  • a Declaration Certificate of Australian citizenship, issued by the Department of Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs, or
  • an Australian Naturalization Certificate (original or certified copy)

(b) For Australian Permanent residence Status –

  • A passport or other document indicating that permanent residence status has been granted by the department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Local Government and Ethnic Affairs.


Your Application

An application presented in the following format will assist the Selection Committee with the short-listing process and will ensure that your claims to the position have been presented comprehensively. Your application should contain the following documents:

1. Cover Letter

This should introduce yourself, express your interest in the position, why you want to work for Danila Dilba Health Service and any special needs that you may wish to advise the Selection Committee about that are relevant to your application.

  1. Statement of Claims Addressing the Selection Criteria

You should note that it is a mandatory requirement for you to submit a statement of claims against the selection criteria, otherwise your application will automatically be rejected.

Many applicants are not selected for an interview as they do not address the selection criteria correctly. You should use each of the selection criteria as a heading. Under each heading explain how your experience, skills and qualifications enable you to meet that criterion. You should always include key examples and/or achievements. However, do not waffle on with irrelevant details.

Remember, it is up to you to present yourself as the most suitable person for the position. In the current economic climate Danila Dilba Health Service is attracting many applicants for each position we advertise, as such you want your application to standout.

3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Attach this document separately. Your resume should contain the following personal information:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Contact telephone numbers – private and work
  • Summary of current and previous employment in chronological order, naming the employer, the position title and a brief description of duties
  • Educational/Trade Qualifications including type of degree/certificate obtained, year completed and name of educational institution
  • Memberships of any professional and relevant personal groups
  • Any volunteer work experience
  • Three current work related referees with details of their names, addresses, contact telephone numbers and if possible email addresses. Written references are not required to be submitted unless asked for.

Other than including the above details, there is no set format for your Resume/Curriculum Vitae. However, ensure that all information presented is relevant to the position you are applying for and do not make your resume too lengthy.

Conditions of Employment – Guide only



The following salary information should be taken as a guide only. The actual salary package will be negotiated with the successful applicant.

Note: All salary details are expressed on a per annum basis unless otherwise stated.


Base Salary @ Level :

Plus: Superannuation @ 9%

Annual Leave Loading @ 17.5% of leave value

Total Base Salary per annum

Salary Sacrifice

Danila Dilba Health Service is classified as a Public Benevolent Institution under Australian Taxation legislation and as such has the ability to provide employees with up to $16,050 tax free benefits. For the majority of staff who participate in a salary sacrifice arrangement with Danila Dilba Health Service the annual income tax saving can be up to $5,500, depending on your marginal tax rate. See the examples below to see the effects this can have on take home pay.

Example 1 Without With Example 2 Without With Example 3 Without With
S. Sacrifice S.Sacrifice S. Sacrifice S.Sacrifice S.Sacrifice S.Sacrifice
Annual Salary 45,000 45,000 Annual Salary 65,000 65,000 Annual Salary 80,000 80,000
Salary Sacrifice   16,050 Salary Sacrifice   16,050 Salary Sacrifice   16,050
Net Taxable Salary 45,000 28,950 Net Taxable Salary 65,000 48,950 Net Taxable Salary 80,000 63,950
Tax* 7,436 3,224 Tax* 14,144 8,736 Tax* 18,928 13,780
Net Cash Salary $ 37,564 $ 41,776 Net Cash Salary $ 50,856 $ 56,264 Net Cash Salary $ 61,072 $ 66,220
Net Benefit/(Cost) 4,212 Net Benefit/(Cost) 5,408 Net Benefit/(Cost) 5,148

*As per the 2010/11 Fortnightly Tax Tables (with tax-free threshold / no leave loading)

In addition to the PBI salary sacrifice employees can also salary sacrifice to superannuation.

Housing Assistance:

In some cases Danila Dilba Health Service can assist new employees, who are recruited from outside of Darwin, with rental assistance. Any assistance is given on a case by case basis and will be negotiated with the successful applicant. Similarly, assistance with relocation expenses may be given.



Danila Dilba Health Service provides the following leave as part of its collective agreement with staff.

Annual Leave – Six weeks per annum, with the opportunity to cash-out up to two weeks annual leave in any financial year. Annual Leave Loading is not paid on cashed-out Annual Leave.

Personal Leave – Ten days per annum.

Long Service Leave – Ten weeks after ten years of continuous service. Employees who resign after seven or more years of continuous service will receive a pro-rata payout.

Study Leave – Employees may apply for study leave after completing 12 months continuous service. Approval of all study leave is at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.

Maternity Leave – After 12 months continuous employment, up to 52 weeks leave may be applied for with the first six weeks paid.

Paternity Leave – After 12 months continuous employment, up to 52 weeks leave may be applied for with the first two weeks paid.

Hours of Duty

The hours of duty are 8:00am to 4:36pm with 60 minutes for lunch. Start/finish times can be negotiated with your supervisor, so long as 7.6 hours per day for five days each week are worked for full time employees.

Public Holidays

The days approved as public holidays are contained in the Danila Dilba Collective Agreement 2009. All fulltime and part time staff are entitled to have public holidays off on full pay so long as that day is a normal work day for them.

Payment of salary

Salary will be paid fortnightly in arrears, normally on a Thursday. Payment will only be by direct credit to a bank account or other approved financial institution.

Association/Union Membership

Union membership is not compulsory.

Police Checks

Danila Dilba Health Service has a duty of care to its clients, for their personal safety and well being, therefore, any person employed must undertake a police check. If the police check is not completed by your commencement date, then your employment is conditional until a satisfactory police check is obtained. A police check will be required every two years.


Corporate Uniform

There is an official corporate uniform for all staff and participation is voluntary.