Employment Benefits

Danila Dilba Health Services offer a excellent range of employment benefits including:


Competitive Salaries

Attractive salary rates with regular salary increases under the organisational Collective Agreement, in addition staff may be eligible for increment increases through the annual performance review process 


Six weeks Annual Leave

Six weeks Annual Leave per annum, plus 17.5% leave loading, with the opportunity to cash-out up to two weeks annual leave in any financial year!


Personal Leave

Ten days paid personal leave per annum


Two weeks Study Leave

Up to two weeks paid study leave per annum to encourage ongoing professional development for all staff


Long Service Leave

Long service leave after ten years of continuous service. Employees who resign after seven or more years of continuous service will also receive a pro-rata payout.


Post Graduate Qualification Allowances

Employees who obtain relevant a Post Graduate Qualification (PGQ) to their area of work whilst working for Danila Dilba are eligible to receive a PGQ Allowance of up to $64.21 per week in addition to their base salaries.


Medical Indemnity Insurance

Full time GP’s billing more than $100,000 or more per annum will have the cost of their medical indemnity insurance paid for by Danila Dilba.



 9% superannuation in addition to your base salary. 


Salary Sacrificing

 Danila Dilba Health Service is classified as a Public Benevolent Institution under Australian Taxation legislation and as such has the ability to provide employees with up to $16,050 tax free benefits. For the majority of staff who participate in a salary sacrifice arrangement with Danila Dilba Health Service the annual income tax saving can be up to $5,500, depending on your marginal tax rate. See the examples below to see the effects this can have on take home pay.



Example 1 Without With Example 2 Without With Example 3 Without With
S. Sacrifice S.Sacrifice S. Sacrifice S.Sacrifice S.Sacrifice S.Sacrifice
Annual Salary 45,000 45,000 Annual Salary 65,000 65,000 Annual Salary 80,000 80,000
Salary Sacrifice   16,050 Salary Sacrifice   16,050 Salary Sacrifice   16,050
Net Taxable Salary 45,000 28,950 Net Taxable Salary 65,000 48,950 Net Taxable Salary 80,000 63,950
Tax* 7,436 3,224 Tax* 14,144 8,736 Tax* 18,928 13,780
Net Cash Salary $ 37,564 $ 41,776 Net Cash Salary $ 50,856 $ 56,264 Net Cash Salary $ 61,072 $ 66,220
Net Benefit/(Cost) 4,212 Net Benefit/(Cost) 5,408 Net Benefit/(Cost) 5,148



*As per the 2007/08 Fortnightly Tax Tables



 Due to a partnership with the General Practitioner Network Northern Territory (GPNNT), if you are a GP relocating from another state you may* be entitled to additional benefits (see http://www.gpnnt.org.au/site/index.cfm?display=34799 for more details) such as:


Site Visit

An all expenses paid site visit to visit DDHS prior to the commencement of your employment to witness the difference you can make in the community.


Relocation Assistance

Relocation assistance up to $5,000 when relocating to Darwin.


Orientation and Training

An all inclusive customized orientation and training program that covers accommodation, travel, salary subsidy, cross cultural awareness etc…


Rural Relocation Incentive Allowance**

A payment of $4,000 after 6 months, up to $18K after 5 years! See the below link for more details http://www.doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/program-rrig-factsheet


*Must be relocating from interstate and be employed for 0.5 FTE or more position

** GPRIP allowance