The Knuckey Street clinic has undergone some major improvements for patients and staff.

The Knuckey Street clinic has undergone some major improvements for patients and staff.

Knuckey Street Clinic Practice Manager Malcolm Darling said the improvements provide a better environment for staff and visitors, and “have given us more capacity to treat people”.Knuckey Street clinic

“They also mean that the clinic now fully meets all the latest standards and legal requirements.”

The work includes roof repairs, Concrete repairs by Concept Concrete WA,  a waiting room playground area, refurbishment of existing doctor’s rooms, additional storage space, new internal signage, and a new staff and trainee study room that includes a video conferencing facility.

Safety improvements have been made to wiring, stairwells and fire exit lights – Thanking Westline Electrical Services for there continued support.

Finally a big thank you to Joe from Balcatta Bobcats for all the sand & rubbish removal – We couldnt of done it without you!


Better pharmacy services


Danila Dilba is working to provide better Pharmacy ser- vices.

Better pharmacy servicesNew  Pharmacist M i k e S t e p h e n s (pictured) says his focus  is  to  work  with  o t h e r s t a f f t o “maximise medication safety and effectiveness”.

“Danila Dilba wants to strengthen its relationships with retail pharmacies in Darwin to provide better services to our patients.”

“Part of that involves a new tender process to buy medicines, with the aim of significant cost savings to Danila Dilba that we can divert to other areas,” he said.

Mike has been a registered pharmacist for more than ten years and looks forward to helping improve Danila Dilba’s services.

The year that was


Danila Dilba has released its 2012—2013 Annual Report.

The report shows that Danila Dilba has experienced a significant growth in demand over the last five years, with it almost doubling from 2009 to 2013.

Some 40,000 episodes of care were delivered in 2012/13, an increase of 86.7 per cent since 2008/09.

Other highlights include:

  • Eleven per cent of clients were visitors who normally live outside of greater
  • Specialists at Danila Dilba saw 944 patients, emphasising Danila Dilba’s chronic disease caseload.
  • Our community programs saw an increase from last year of 13 per cent, to 4,615 client contacts.

The full annual report, including financial statements, is available at



A number of local Aboriginal people have been appointed to Danila Dilba’s Executive Management Team.

The new appointments are Joe Martin-Jard (Chief Operating Officer), Anthony Castro (Community Services Manager), Kenton Winsley (Practice Manager, Palmerston Clinic) and Carolyn Renehan (Health Systems Manager).

Danila Dilba Chief Executive Officer Olga Havnen said she is proud that six of the ten senior managers are now Aboriginal people from the Northern Territory.

The new staff join Olga and Knuckey Street Clinic Practice Manager Malcolm Darling as Ab- original members of the Executive Management Team.


Growing dental service


The Danila Dilba dental service is another area experiencing growing demand.

Since May,

The service has operated with minimal staff for some time now.

A Dental Coordinator, Dentist, Dental Hygienist and two Dental Assistants have recently been appointed, along with a part-time receptionist.

It is hoped that additional staffing resources will result in opportunities for more work to be done in the important area of prevention and


Dental Services Coordinator

Angie Perry-Mansell (left) with a dental service volunteer.

teer dentists scheme.

Danila   Dilba staff

have been assisted by a unique volun-

education, as well as providing increased opportunities for outreach services

The service operates from a separate area within the same Palmerston precinct as the Da-


This has seen dentists and dental assis-

tants from as far away as the UK volunteering their services to Danila Dilba.

nila  Dilba  Family Centre and Gumileybirra Women’s Clinic.


Everyone has a right to health care and Danila Dilba Health Service is committed to providing high- quality, culturally- appropriate and respectful care.

People receiving care and giving care both have important roles to play in this, which are outlined in our new Client Service Charter (pictured).

Danila Dilba recognises the right of our clients and their guardians/carers/advocates to make a complaint, and that complaints help drive improvement in what we do.

Our new Complaints Policy and Complaints Form aim to deal with complaints quickly, fairly and openly, while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

The charter and form are available on the Danila Dilba website, or by contacting reception.

We also love to hear positive feedback and will soon have a feedback form available as well.…

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New Board elected

New Board elected

Your health service

Danila Dilba is a community-controlled organisation, which means we have a Board elected by members from the Biluru (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) community in the Yilli Rreung (greater Darwin) re- gion.

Please visit our website or phone us if you are an Aborig- inal or Torres Strait Islander person living in the Yilli Rreung region and would like a membership form.

The Board and staff of Danila Dilba wish all our members, clients and sup- porters season’s greetings.

Please note we will be closed 25—27th December, 2013 and 1st January 2014.


New Board elected


Danila Dilba has a new Board of Directors, elected at the 2013 members’ Annual General Meeting in late November.

The new Directors are Paddy Stephensen (Chair), Carol Stanislaus (Minute Secretary), Audrey Tilmouth (Larrakia Repre- sentative), Kathleen Mills, Braiden Abala and Sarina Jan.

Current Directors Erin Lew Fatt, Boyd Scully, Leslie Calma and Gloria Corliss are continuing with their terms.

Ms Lew Fatt was elected Deputy Chair, following the resigna- tion of former Deputy Chair Shaun Tatipata.

Mr Tatipata wished the new Board all the best at the AGM and said that the last year was a difficult time for the Board, and Danila Dilba as a whole, “with the loss of our much-loved Chair- person, Cherrie McLennan”.

However, he said that “the foundations are now in place to build an even stronger service focused on improving the health of our people”.

New Chair Paddy Stephensen said he had “very big shoes to fill” and hoped to continue to support the work he’d seen Danila Dilba do “providing excellent services to local people”.

“I look forward to meeting with and shaking hands with eve- rybody on staff during the year.”

“Many people over many years have put in a tremendous amount of work as members and I acknowledge them and thank them for that work.”

“It’s placed us in excellent position to take the service for- ward,” he said.…

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